Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Who WON that "Case Wii Tournament" anyway ?

Although the Final Four round was played over a week ago, it was not until today that the winners received their official rewards as Champion and Consolation Champion.  So it's finally time to share their story ...

If you don't know what this blog is referring to, might I suggest you "catch up" by reading this blog post about the First Annual Case Family Wii Tournament.

Before the "big reveal" here's a quick recap of the final round:
Daddy, Mommy, Josh Jr. and Brooklyn all made the final round, with Ben earning the Consolation Bracket championship (which entitled him to compete against the Champion - once determined - at the very end of the competition).

Daddy picked Hula Hoop as his preferred game.  Mommy chose Skiing.  Josh Jr. selected Mario Kart (for obvious reasons!) and Brooklyn went with Bowling.

Scoring was as follows: 5 points for 1st place or best score; 4 points for 2nd; 3 for 3rd; and 2 for last place (if you finished the event).  Bowling total score was the pre-determined tie-breaker.

Bowling was first ... and these were the scores: Mommy - 231 (she was unstoppable on rolling strikes and had 7 in a row at one point!); Brooklyn - 188 (she also got "hot" and rolled 5 strikes in a row at one point!); Daddy - 168; Josh Jr - 162 (missed "wide left" or he would have been in 3rd place).

After Round 1:  Mommy (5), Brooklyn (4), Daddy (3), Josh Jr (2)

Mario Kart was next ... and of course Josh Jr smoked us all!  Daddy narrowly beat Mommy for 2nd place and Brooklyn actually finished the race not in last place (a BIG personal win for her).

After Round 2:  Mommy (8), Daddy & Josh Jr (7), Brooklyn (6)

Skiing requires the Wii Balance Board so we had a brief intermission while setting that game up.  Mommy is usually dominant in this game, but just like in the earlier round of this championship, she faltered and Daddy took advantage for the win.  Daddy - 50.56 seconds; Mommy - 1:08.51 mins/secs; Josh Jr - 1:26.43; Brooklyn - 1:43.22.

After Round 3:  Mommy & Daddy (12), Josh Jr (10), Brooklyn (8)

Hula Hoop was the final event, which usually favors Daddy, but he exhausted himself helping Brooklyn swing her hips to the tune of 226 spins.  Josh Jr struggled to rotate his long legs and only mustered 30 spins.  So it was down to Mommy vs Daddy.  For a while it looked like Brooklyn's score might hold up against Mommy, but with a late flurry of twisting body parts, Mommy threw down 242 spins!  It was Daddy's turn.  And he caught FIRE !!!  For only the second time ever (on our Wii anyway) the 300 spin barrier was broken!  Daddy went absolutely nuts and posted a new high score for the event with 314 spins!

Final Round - Final Scores:
Daddy (17), Mommy (16), Josh Jr (12), Brooklyn (11)

But wait ... there's still ONE MORE CHALLENGE !

Ben had won the opportunity to face off in two games against the Champion.  The games were selected by Daddy (Ski Jump) and Ben (Lotus Flower).  Both "Case Men" successfully completed the Lotus Flower challenge (sitting perfectly still for 3 whole minutes!) so it came down to the Ski Jump (which is Daddy's favorite Wii Fit game!)

Ben jumped first and his two-jump total was a very respectable 245 meters.  Daddy's first jump was a solid 140 meters.  He only needed to safely land his second jump and complete victory was his ... but he *scuffed the liftoff and ... Ben was declared the Consolation Winner !!!

Here's some pics of the winner(s) and their spoils!

*Daddy remembered the importance of charity and somewhat intentionally allowed his character to roll like a snowball down the hill in an effort to let Ben enjoy a small, very meaningful to him victory.


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