Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's that sound ?

Baby monitors are funny things.  They are just one-way walkie talkies, but the way they project certain sounds is quite amusing to me.

Take for instance the sound of running water or a toilet flushing.  Even doors being closed are muffled in a weird way that sounds completely different through the monitor than in person.  I'll have to try to record some on a video camera so you can experience this yourself (since I can now upload videos to this blog, but still not music or sounds clips ... grrr!)

The weirdest occurrence is when you can hear other people's conversations in a completely different house through their baby monitor.  This happened lots more at our old house but it has happened at least twice in our current home.  It is especially disconcerting if you are alone in the house (except for the kids) and you start hearing adult voices.  I don't mind admitting to the world that I have gone to check on Myra with a hammer or frying pan in hand (to protect me from the ghostly voices).


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