Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Excuse Me ?

"Did you wipe your butt?"

That is the question my wife asked as I exited our bathroom just a few days ago.

Now here's the "rest of the story" ...

Our two "middle" daughters (Catalina and Savannah) both seem to have a problem with wiping themselves after using the bathroom.  My apologies for any non-parents who are reading this blog.  Yes, this is one of the reasons why you can't stand us but we DO talk about this sort of disgusting behavior as parents.  I am truly sorry.  Feel free to stop reading.

Savannah (left, 5 yrs old) - Catalina (right, 3 yrs old)
"We don't wipe ... and we're PROUD of it!"

Anyway, Catalina was coming out of the other bathroom on the main floor of our house at exactly the same time I was exiting our bathroom.
So Karen's inquiry was directed at her and not me.

Still, because I am who I am, I replied "Yes I did.  Would you like to check to make sure I got it all?"  After a good laugh I decided this was crude and a little immature, but great fodder for a blog.  My sincerest apologies if you did not find it funny.  Just another evening and experience in the life of ME!  :)



  1. I found this very funny! Loved your response to Karen (very snarky of you!)

  2. Well now we all know the answer to the question no one should have asked. ;)