Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Which is better ?

I can't decide.

I have watched both of these videos literally dozens of times and I cannot decide which video is more impressive and entertaining to me.  They both include elements typically never used in music videos.  Visually they are quite stunning but I think what keeps me coming back to them is that once I start watching them ... I ... can't ... stop ... until ... I ... see ... the ... BIG ... finish!

The song is "This Too Shall Pass" and the group is Ok Go.

They originally became mostly famous for their extremely creative use of treadmills in a video that went viral on YouTube.  And that video in itself is still very cool, but maybe a year or two ago I stumbled across the song "This Too Shall Pass" ... and I just love this tune!

Then I saw this video and found myself even more impressed by the group and this music.

This is a still picture from the video ... soooo cool!

I noticed another video for the same song and thought it looked like a cool remake ... but it isn't!  It is the same group doing the same song with a completely different, and equally entertaining, video.

Watch the video to see what this IS

So check them both out and tell me which one you like better.  I promise you won't be disappointed or feel like you wasted 8 minutes of your time!  But let me know if you don't find either of them very impressive ... or if you don't like the song.  I promise not to think you're crazy but I can't guarantee that others won't think that!  :)




  1. Awesome videos! I would have to say that the last one (the 2nd version of This Too Shall Pass) was my favorite! So elaborate! And I loved the little homage to the original video, as it appeared on the TV before getting smashed by the hammer!

  2. I agree with Jeremy. I remember watching this for hours when it first came out. I would love to do something this cool.