Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why'd Ya Shave ?

This morning I shaved off my beard, which had not been trimmed for 2 months.  And invariably I am prepared to answer the question "Why did you shave it?" any number of times over the next few days.

I had told many people that I was growing it out as a "until Oakwood basketball team loses a game this season" sort of thing, but that was really just an excuse for not shaving.  Ultimately, I just planned to grow it for two months ... which ended today.

I'm going to try to upload some pics (maybe tomorrow) of the before and after, but I didn't really have Karen take any close-ups because I hadn't really intended to blog about it.  Today has kind of ended on several down notes so I went with something simple, easy, and most of all ridiculously boring to anyone who reads it.  My apologies.  This is 3 1/2 minutes you'll never get back.  You can bill me for it.  :)



  1. I like you clean shaven!! You are always worth 3.5 minutes to me!! :P

  2. Can hardly wait to see! :) Now you will have one less person asking you "Why'd you shave it?" Oh and you have inspired me with blogging...stay tuned.