Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Wants to get Run Over ?!

That is the question my little buddy Matthew (age 4) asked while playing the Wii tonight at our house.

To put it into context ... he was playing MarioKart against his older sister and my daughter Brooklyn.  And for a 4-year old, he can certainly hold his own in almost any Wii game.

Anyway, I have blogged about him before but I still need to find another picture of him when he does this little winking thing that he does when he wants something.  Like tonight before he was playing on the Wii he came over and asked me "Big Josh* canIplaymyMariogameontheWiipleaseandthankyou?!"  Then he batted his eyes, gave me his adorable little grin and winkd at me ... twice ... once with each eye.

How can you say No to that ?!  That kid cracks me up ... but he hates it when I call him "Little Tony" (that's his dad's name) ... he always says "I'm not Little TONY !!!"  But really, he totally is!

*I am Big Josh because my oldest son, Josh Jr., is "Little Josh" ... but as recent as a year or so ago, Matthew only knew my kids by describing them, like "the skinny one with glasses" (Josh Jr.) or "the one that is not as tall as the other one" (Ben) or "the girl that has the pink shirt on" (Brooklyn) or "that one that is quiet until she is really mad" (Savannah) or my personal favorite "the one like me" (Catalina).



  1. I don't think I knew all those names for our kids :)

  2. I love Matthew's descriptions of your kids! Funny, but surprisingly accurate when you think about it!