Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You Have Jesus' Phone Number?

Catalina showing off her
awesome "pile of rocks."
They are still on our front steps!
 Please do not think this post is sacreligious in any way ... the title is simply the question that my 3 1/2 year old, Catalina, asked me today (at a completely random time no less).

I answered (as best I could through my stifled laughter) that we say our prayers so Jesus can hear us so no, I didn't have His phone number.

She said "Okay" and smiled and then ran off ... to get gum from grandma or something.

Later this evening as we all were saying our individual prayers as a family (we are not perfect in this tradition but usually only miss one or two days every few months) it was my turn to pick and I asked Catalina to say her prayers.  I cannot remember the entire prayer but here were a few choice parts of it in the best phonetic spelling I can do (followed by translation if you don't speak "Cat"):

"Pease bess Mywa dat she can be aybull to walk soon."
(Please bless Myra that she can be able to walk soon.)

"Bess Jah Coona dat he and Bookie will be happy an' nice to each ofver."
(Bless Josh Jr that he and Brooklyn will be happy and nice to each other.)

"An' bess dat we can washa moovy an' dat mommy and daddy haffa wash it wiffus an' dey yike it to."
(And bless that we can watch a movie and that mommy and daddy have to watch it with us and they like it too.)

I love her and I especially love her "phone calls" to Jesus!



  1. This seriously made me smile tonight!! Matteah has prayed before for Jesus to tell Santa another toy she wanted. Kids! I love that Cat specifically prayed for Josh & Brook to get along!! :) We need to get together! Love you guys so much!

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