Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which is worse ?

Check out these pics of me with the ...

too-long-for-comfort beard

and the

for-puberty-to-hit clean-shaven look

and then VOTE !!!

Which looks worse on me?  Personally, I'm not sure I like either "look" but since my wife is too kind to tell me how I should look (or maybe she really just doesn't care all that much), I'd love your "random reader" opinions.  I think I look alot like my dad in the second picture!

Have fun and don't be too mean, please!  :)



  1. Your confidence has always carried you, so I think you pull off both looks equally well.

  2. I personally like the clean shaven JC. The beard is ok but I do like the not hit puberty stage look. LOL

  3. I think I look a lot younger in the second picture... That first picture is bad! But I love you both ways... With a beard and with out! Seriously! Really I do!

  4. I think you look very handsome clean shaven, although you have a baby face so it is hard to believe that you have SIX kids! I think you'd look great with a little 5 o'clock shadow!

    Let's face it...there's only one member of the Case family that can pull off the full beard, and that is ME!!!

  5. I concur with Jeremy... sorry, Josh but you and Jordan cannot pull off the beard like Jem can!! :) I'm totally kidding- you look good with a beard too but I vote for clean shaven!