Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it really over already ?

Yep.  Tonight is our last night in Estes Park, CO.  It has been a glorious week-start with my beautiful bride of almost 13 years.  I love you so much Karen Joy!  I can't wait to come back here with you again for a whole week (as if that would be possible ... but wouldn't it be so awesome!)  I also think it will work as a great location for those future "events" we have been talking about for some of our extended family members.

One short funny story ... we drove through Rock Mountain Nat'l Park today and Karen was sad because we only saw a wolf way off in the distance and no other wildlife in several hours of driving and hiking, etc.  So this afternevening we drove back into the park and "BEHOLD!" there were dozens of Elk off the side of the road just a few minutes into the park.  We saw many more on the way into town for dinner.  Karen got several pictures, but I noticed that the Elk that came close to the car seemed to elicit a humorous reaction (for me anyway) out of my wife.  She was nervous!

Fast forward to leaving the restaurant after dinner ... we barely walked out onto the street and there were three raccoons on the sidewalk.  Two of them quickly scurried away, but the third just sort of ambled away from us down the street.  Karen was rying to take a picture, but it was cute how scared she seemed of this little animal.  I tried to coax it closer so she could get a better picture, but to no avail.  UNTIL it got to the end of that street and realized it did not want to be going that direction.  It turned around and started jogging toward us and Karen shouted "Oh no!  It's coming to attack us!"  (She will dispute this, but I know what I heard because I just laughed out loud!)  It quickly crossed the street and we narrowly missed being killed by a docile scavenger the size of a small house cat.  I didn't want to laugh, but Karen looked so cute!

I love you Pretty Lady!  Thanks again for a great 12+ years and super fun weekstart!


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