Sunday, March 20, 2011

Couldn't you just FEEL the spirit in that song ?!

Today our church choir sang a Medley of Hymns about Jesus.  I cannot, at this moment, remember the exact title of the piece, but it included portions from three hymns, but with variation in the harmony parts and of course in the timing of those pieces.

What can I say about the performance except ... WOW!

We have practiced this for many weeks and I have enjoyed singing the piece from the start.  But the spirit has never been as strong while singing it as it was while we actually performed it for the congregation today.

The last few lines of the piece got me so choked up as we sang it that I actually had to just mouth a few of the words because I could not sing for lack of composure.  They are undoubtedly not as powerful without the accompanying music and four-part harmony, but here are the words that meant so much to me today:
"So, little children, let's you and I ... try, try to be like Him.  Try.  Try.  Try.  Tell me the stories of Jesus ... I long to hear."

The piece overall is mostly at medium volume throughout, but at the line above we come in FORTE and crescendo up to "Him" after which, we soften for the "try"s and then extremely softly we sing the last line, which ends on "hear" sung out over four measures.


Kudos to the choir and our amazing director for an inspiring performance!   Even if I was the only one affected by it (and I know I wasn't the only one) then the effort was more than worth it!


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  1. A very touching, spiritually meaningful post! Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts and testimony!