Monday, March 7, 2011

If you want my business, why NOT allow it ?!

This afternevening Karen and I were discussing the dreaded "D" word ... Dinner ... and I suggested that we could go out to eat at one of favorite, albeit very infrequently visited, places: Texas Roadhouse.

I thought the idea had merit because Karen has a $20 gift card there and kids eat free on Mondays.  We had even discussed this a few weeks ago and decided that if Josh Jr gets an "adult" meal, then we have three free kids meals to split among the other 4 kids that eat solid foods (Myra's too young for steak and beans ... at least Karen says so anyway and I suppose I should believe her).  :)

As we were confirming our exciting plans to not have to cook this evening, I remembered that  the Roadhouse also does an "Early Dine" special, where you can get certain entrees for only $7.99, as long as you order before 6:00pm.  I think some of you may see where I am headed with this ... if you think that combining these two deals is cheap, then I suggest you have 6 kids and try to go out to eat ... EVER !!!  Good luck spending less than you would for a week of groceries!

Anyway, Karen (very wisely if I may say) decided that we should probably call the restaurant ahead of time to confirm that these deals could actually be done at the same time.  It took a few phone calls (because their numbers on their ads in the local mailers just send you to an automated line ... and I'm thinking that can't be good for business right?!) ... but eventually Karen spoke with a real live person and ... wouldn't you know it ... the two good deals cannot be combined for ONE great deal.

So I made grilled cheese (and pepperoni for those that wanted it) sandwiches ... AND ... chili cheese eggs (which are very popular in this household!) for the rest of the crew.  I had some of both and they were quite tasty ... and well under our budget for the evening!  :)

My primary thought here is "Why not?!"  I am certain that the Roadhouse has enough business without my "party of 8" ... but do they really need the extra $10 I would have saved by only allowing ONE of these decent deals to be applied at a time?!  I'm not too mad, because it means Karen and I will go out to eat with just the two of us, so that will be fun ... but I am disappointed that my creativity cannot be rewarded with a decently good deal on a meal out.  Now I'm hungry for some chili cheese eggs again!



  1. Yes, I will admit I tried to combine the two discounts as well---was smart like you and your wife and called first and was also shot down. Blasted money making schemes.

  2. Chili Cheese Eggs? That sounds yummy.