Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Did We Get So Behind ?

Tonight Karen added up all the TV Shows we are behind on watching (for no good reason other than the fact that we've been watching Scrubs on Instant Netflix and have been too lazy to head over to the computer and download these episodes) ... anyway ... it looks like this:

3 episodes of The Amazing Race

2 episodes of Bones

2 episodes of Chuck

2 episodes of The Office

1 episode of Castle


0 episodes of Cougar Town

So add it all up and I get this conclusion:

What is wrong with you Cougar Town ?!  Don't you care enough to produce episodes even when Karen and I are taking an unplanned break from watching our favorite shows on ?!  I see how we rate!  The love is gone huh?!  Don't assume I'm going to come crawling back when you get some new episodes.  I might not even watch!  I am sorely disappointed!

Awww ... who am I kidding?!  I love penny can!  :)


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