Thursday, March 24, 2011

What are the TWO fundamentals in basketball?

My wife is not a big fan of sports, although she has become much more of one since marrying me.  She likes to play fantasy football and even participates in March Madness.

I am not picking on my wife here but ... even she knows the two fundamental rules in basketball.

Apparently, my beloved BYU Cougars did not remember them in the game against Florida tonight.

So as a reminder to all who EVER have watched, or will watch, have played, or will play, like, love, or even just tolerate basketball ... here are the TWO fundamentals you need to know:

#1.  Guard the three.
#2.  If you foul, make sure your opponent doesn't make the shot.

I could go on and on about these, but it is late and I am tired.  But to sum up ... not guarding the three is a great way to lose a basketball game even if the opponent is a TERRIBLE 3-point shooting team!  And fouling someone in a weak manner is a waste of energy and has the same net effect as leaving the person open outside the arc.  Don't let laziness be the reason you foul someone.

Congrats to BYU for a fun ride this season.  Enjoy the NBA, Jimmer.  And here's to next year ... who knows, maybe we'll even be better.


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