Friday, March 18, 2011

How cool would it be having your own Paparazzi ?

Today at work we had a special visitor.  This guy.

His name is "The Messenger" (but his real name is John Jenkinson).  He is the "new guy" that is starring in Progressive's advertisements in a supporting role to the Flo advertising.

Now I know pretty much everyone has heard of Flo, but probably NO ONE outside of Progressive people has really heard of (or even cares yet for that matter) about this new guy.  But it was still a big event at our office today as he toured the building, took pictures with people, played his guitar, and shared his very witty commentary.  One of my reps always answers the "How are you?" question with the phrase "Mostly Good."  So today when he said that, The Messenger's response (without blinking an eye) was "Oh?  Did you just recover from something bad?"  Too funny! 
I got my picture taken with him and some of my teammates, etc. but will have to add it to another blog later on.

But the thing that was most interesting to me (because I am weird like that) was that he had his own paparazzi following him around taking the pictures and video, etc.  I was captivated in watching these tireless workhorses as they took photo after photo and video clip after video clip.  The one guy was "in charge" in a sort of way, as he directed The Messenger through our cubicles and hallways.  He kept nodding to the videographer and the still-camera guy so they knew when to shoot and when they could take 3 seconds to breath.  It was crazy!  I was jealous of the still-photographer's hat, because it was a really cool hat like Jason Mraz wears and looked a little like an old school member of the "press" might wear.
This is Jason Mraz in a cool hat!
Anyway, I think if or when I make it HUGE, I will not have an entourage, but instead will hire these dudes (and probably the one lady who was handing out photocards of The Messenger) and they can follow me around making my very presence an event for all around me!  :)



  1. Cool post! I didn't get a chance to see "The Messenger" - I'm glad you did, though, and that you got a picture with him! I could totally see you having your own "people" around you!

  2. I was one of the paparazzi when The Messenger (John) came the Cleveland offices. I was fortunate enough to sit and chat with him for a couple of hours while we took a break. What a cool guy. When you are rich and famous, I'll follow you around.