Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me ?

I'll summarize my "one-week off from blogging" in this manner (so in order to leave me enough memory of why I took the week off and not write so much that everyone reading it gets bored too quickly ... as if that hasn't already happened right now!) ... here goes ...

Had an all-day off-site for work on Wednesday (went very well).
Basketball that evening.

Woke up sorta sick Thursday.  Watched lots of Scrubs with Karen.

Woke up later and even more sick on Friday.
Watched more Scrubs with Karen.

Felt like I would NEVER wake up Saturday morning.  Missed the 11-year old Scout Day Camp.  Missed the St Patrick's Day parade.  Kids were very disappointed about that.  I think I ate at some point.

Taught my Sunday School class on Sunday
(but missed choir because I was still sick).  :(

Felt a little better Monday.  Took Karen to lunch at Chili's, which was VERY nice.  Watched more Scrubs with Karen.

80% recovered on Tuesday.  Back to work.  A sesquitrillion e-mails awaited and a bajillion meetings.  Then basketball in the evening.

And now we are to today.  99% recovered.  Ready for choir on Sunday.  Played (and lost for the first time all season) basketball tonight.  And got back on the blogging horse.

So ... let me hear ya if ya missed me!  Comment or something.  Holla!  Either way I'll still begin blogging again, but this past week is the reason why this ain't the "365 days of Josh" ... props to those who committed and completed that challenge ... but as for me and my house ... I will probably give myself a break every so often.

Until tomorrow (which will be a blog about any number of actually interesting things) ... good night and God Bless!



  1. I thought you had given it up for lent or something =) Glad to have you back! It's little, but your blogs give me a taste of home that is nice to have.

  2. I've really missed your posts, so I'm very happy that you are doing them again - I'm also glad that you are feeling better! P.S. Just how much is a sesquitrillion? Is it more than eleventybillion?

  3. I'm glad you are back and I am glad that you are not sick anymore.