Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are you EVER going to listen ?

After a long day at work (thanks again Jeremy for the ride to and from!) I came home to my wonderful family.  It is such a joy when I get to see them all.  They make me smile so much.

Now then ... a little background on today's blog.

About two weeks ago I had a very important conversation with my 3-year old daughter Catalina.
     The subject: her baby sister Myra.
     The message: Leave her alone!

Cat @ the Zoo
(she's leaving Myra alone in this pic)

It was evident that this repeated refrain had finally stuck with Cat because she repeated it to me word for word every time I asked about it for the next week!
     Me: Hey Cat ... what's the rule?
     Cat: Yeave her ay-own.
     Me: That's right!

Fast forward to this evening ... Catalina and Savannah had spent last night at their Grandma Julie's house (Thanks again Grandma Julie!  They LOVED it !) ... so I had not seen Catalina (and she hadn't seen me) in over 24 hours.  She was almost as excited to see me this evening as I was to get one of her wrap-around-your-whole-face-and-neck hugs!  I love those!  But my excitement and joy quickly gave way to disappointment and frustration.  Cat was NOT leaving Myra alone!

8 minutes after my awesome Cat hug (Myra hollers)
Me:  Cat!  Leave her alone!
That's once ...

3 minutes later (Myra is fussing because she can't breath when she is being carried by her neck)
Me:  Cat!  You need to leave her alone.  Put her down!
That's twice ...

5 minutes later (Myra is crying because her toy has been taken from her)
Me:  CAT !!!  Get away from her!  Give her back the toy!  Aaaargh !!!
That's three times ...

20 minutes later ... approximately 30 seconds after we finish nighttime prayers (Cat comes over to give me a good-night hug)
Me:  Are you EVER going to listen?
Cat:  Yes (while bowing her head and looking down)
Me:  When ?!
Cat:  Tomorrow.

I love that kid ... how can you not smile at that response after 20 minutes of not listening ?!  Sill me ... I forgot that she wasn't going to listen until ... TOMORROW !!!  :)


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  1. -I'll say this for Cat - at least she's honest!
    -It's been fun carpooling with you to work! Thanks for not criticizing my driving habits!
    -Mom said that Savannah and Cat were a lot of fun during the sleepover!