Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Wait to be Seated is HOW long ?

This evening my wonderful in-laws took our 6-pack (of kids) so Karen and I could go out to dinner.  It was mostly my mother-in-law watching them and I am so glad she loves those kids enough to take ALL of them at once.  I think she's a little crazy in that regard, but I love her for it.

On a related note (not related to this blog, but related to that last comment) ... my mother (bless her awesome heart) is taking the second half of the 6-pack for an afternoon-into-evening-into-morning sleepover (well, technically it is the first half because it is the three oldest, but last week she took 2 of the other 3 kids for a sleepover) ... so she's pretty darn awesome too!

Anyway, Karen had a gift card and a $5 off coupon for Texas Roadhouse so we headed there for dinner.  I dropped her off before I parked because it looked like quite a crowd outside.  She met me just outside the front door and said we had our name on the list and it was ... wait for it ... only a 45-55 minute wait!

After a few brief seconds we realized that was perfect!  Neither of us was all that hungry yet and it left the perfect amount of time to do our Wal-Mart shopping and not just have to sit around.

Long story short, we blasted through our shopping.  I then dropped Karen off @ the restaurant so she could hold our table and I booked it home to drop off the groceries, etc.  She texted me that our table was ready when I was only about 3 minutes from the restaurant.  She had barely gotten our water and rolls when I pulled into the parking spot.  And get this ... it was THE spot exactly outside the window of our seats in the restaurant.  So when I pulled into the spot I saw these fingers sort of pulling down the blinds and waving(?) at me.  I assumed it was Karen, but for a minute I was afraid it was someone else telling me not to park there.

Hmm ... I guess that wasn't "long story short" now was it?!  Oh well, it was a great way to make good use of our "wait time" for a table.  I honestly think we'll probably ask if the wait time can be a little longer next time ... if they can't seat us right away anyway!  :)


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  1. Talk about having a positive attitude and putting a positive spin on a long wait! I'm glad it all worked out for you guys! Hope the dinner was delicious!