Thursday, March 31, 2011

How cool is Instant Netflix on the Wii ?

When we first moved into our new house just over a year ago, we agreed as a family (more just me and Karen since we never really asked the kids their opinion) to go without certain things.  One of those "things" was DirecTV.  We figured it wouldn't be so bad and decided to sign up for Netflix (so we could watch movies and tv shows every few days when the dvds arrived in the mail).

Initially it was not that big of a deal because we had lots to do around the new house.  Then the summer months came and we weren't really home much in the evenings with family swim at the pool and general "out late" stuff that you can do in the summertime.  And for the fall TV lineup we simply pulled up the shows a day or three later and watched them on our upgraded interent connection.

But the best thing we have found is having the Instant Netflix set-up through our Wii.  Thanks to some help from my brother-in-law (thanks Brian!) and father-in-law (thanks Don!) we got it all connected and running wirelessly ... and it has made Karen and I couch recliner potatoes of sorts.  Not really.  We actually spend only a little time (1-2 hours) every few days (2-3 times a week) watching things instantly ... but it is so cool because you can watch tons of different TV shows (not to mention lots of movies).

Lately we have been burning through the show Scrubs, which I have wanted to watch for many years, but never wanted to commit extra time to.  But now ... BAM!  We just pull up the Instant Queue on Netflix and we're almost done with season 4 (and we've only been watching episodes, starting with season 1, for 2-3 weeks).  It is awesome to be able to "catch-up" on shows instead of waiting every week for a new episode.

Next up: That 70's Show

And we can't wait until last season of Psych is available on the Instant Queue.  Hopefully we can catch up before the new season starts and then just catch those episodes on  :)


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  1. Awesome! I'm glad that you and Karen have been able to watch some shows together. I have a motto - "TV: it brings people together!"