Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who Said You're Uninvited?

This will be a cryptically short post, because I am at great risk of offending someone I love with my comments.  That said, anyone can choose to be offended or not and that is actually the topic for this post.

Truth is, we've all been wronged at some point in our life.  Someone has taken advantage of each one of us in some way.  Whether it be as simple as a 'little white lie' or something grandiose like stealing money or criminal deception, everyone gets treated unfairly at some point.

But NO ONE can decide for you how YOU react to the situation.  YOU choose for yourself how you approach future situations as a result of this lost trust ... and YOU are the one who must accept whatever consequences come from those decisions.

I do not mean for this to sound harsh, but sometimes the truth is hard to hear (or read) and accept.  No one has to take away your free agency, but free agency doesn't mean you get to choose your decision AND the outcomes that follow.

Ultimately, if your choices separate you from other people, YOU have to be willing to accept that, or forgive.  You cannot choose to hold a grudge and expect others to just accept that.  It is wrong to judge someone for their decision to forgive another person.  It is even more wrong to suggest that that person is the cause of your separation from other people ... especially if they personally invited you to join them somewhere.  It is fine to decline that invitation, but you DO NOT get to play the martyr.  Remember, YOU decided not to join.  No one else forced that upon you.

Song Of The Day:
A few weeks ago I heard an a capella version of Alanis Morrisette's song "Uninvited" which was performed on the 2012 BOCA CD (best of college a capella) by the Rutgers University Shockwave women's choir.  This youtube version from the fall of 2011 isn't quite as good as the CD version, but it still fits perfectly with this post.


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