Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Do You Make These ?

Yesterday at work I participated in a Lunch and Learn meeting where I was expected to be one of the panel members doing the teaching.  The subject matter was such that I actually felt adequate to be a part of the panel and hopefully the participants got the learning they were hoping for from our discussion.

But I learned something new that wasn't even supposed to be a part of the experience at all (at least I don't think it was on the agenda).  I learned how to properly build / make and then eat a gyro.

I had peppers instead of tomato
and we added some seasoned
rice to the mix for fun.

Thirty-something years into my life and I had yet to experience the tastiness of gyros.  There are always reasons why you've never tried a certain food, but having to learn on the fly in a business meeting setting is not my preferred venue for a new food experience.  Yet this has happened quite often in my life as I reflect back on it.  My first real salad was not eaten until I was on a business trip (of sorts) in high school.  I had never had certain kinds of seafood (lobster, scallops, mahi-mahi) until a dinner event in Cleveland.  There are other examples, but thinking about them is just making my hungry so I digress ... time for the ...

Song Of The Day:
Since this is a food related post, and in honor of my mom, who has made so many tasty dishes for me over the years, today's song is "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro.  The song is of course not actually about the food "honey," but is a tragic love song, which my mother has loved for many years.


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