Saturday, June 8, 2013

Is That The Only Time ?

Today I helped my brother-in-law with some yardwork.  I've got my own yard projects to take care of, but he specifically wanted my help with rolling sod, since I have LOTS of experience in that area.

Why is he replacing his sod and rocks and such?  Because they are trying to sell their house of course.  Isn't that just about the ONLY TIME people work extra hard to have a nice-looking yard?!

Obviously my own landscaping projects are not related to the sale of our home (I'm NOT moving again!  Ask my wife!), but I believe I am in the very small minority in this way.  My projects are for my own satisfaction and enjoyment, rather than being intended to encourage a potential homeowner to offer to buy my house.

So, why do we wait?

I know it's a lot of work and most of us don't like hard work.  But it seems silly to me that the only time yards look especially nice is when you're selling or just bought the home.

Song Of The Day:
Today's song came across my radar while listening to Pandora radio on my iPad.  "The Little Things" by Carlos Bertonatti is a catchy little tune and I think it fits well with this post.  We skip over almost all the 'little things' until we're trying to sell our homes, and then they are finally 'big' enough to justify our spending time on them.  We should treat ourselves better than this, because don't we deserve nice-looking yards and homes?!


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