Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who Got MY Food ?

This isn't a picture of MY food
but it sure was tasty!  :)
Today I bought a cheap lunch at Carl's Jr.: Two .99 cent spicy chicken sandwiches.  I paid the drive-thru lady and then took my bag of food.

It wasn't until I was back at work that I opened the bag and realized ... this is NOT what I ordered, nor is it what I paid for.

The very silver lining here is that it was a Big Carl burger and a large order of fries.  Now I have been on the receiving end of getting the wrong food before, but it is usually NOT in my benefit.

Many thoughts hit me at once ... I should drive back and return this food (but then, they'll just have to throw it away at this point AND make me two new chicken sandwiches) ... I am sure the other person checked their bag and got their Big Carl burger and fries exchanged for the cheap chicken ... am I being a jerk if I just eat this meal? ... what would Jesus do? ... surely they would just throw away this food so I'm actually saving them money and trouble by just eating what they gave me right?! ... I mean it's not my fault the drive-thru lady didn't check the bag before handing it to me ... I wonder if she did it on purpose ... maybe she knew I was hungrier than those little chicken snacks and just 'hooked me up' ... maybe the guy who ordered them was kind of a jerk ... how do I know it was a guy?! ... I don't have time to drive back and return this food ... man those fries smell good ...

And so ... at length ... I enjoyed my 'bonus lunch' which was very filling and much better than what I ordered.  Thanks KARMA for taking care of me today!  :)

Song Of The Day:
One of Culture Club's biggest hits was "Karma Chameleon" which is about neither karma nor chameleons.  But it's a catchy tune and the line "I'm a man without conviction" certainly applies here today.  :)


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