Monday, June 17, 2013

How Weird Is That ?

Humans are funny sometimes.

Have you ever thought about the food we eat and how that all started?  Think about some of the things we take into our bodies and consider how that came about for a minute and you'll likely find some things very odd.

Who first decided that anything that comes out of a cow (or the cow itself) was a good thing to drink or eat?  Milk, cheese, cream, anything "beef" related.

Are we kidding ourselves when we eat an egg?  That's rooster semen mixed with undeveloped "egg" of a chicken!

And when did we learn to peel certain fruit (bananas, kiwi, oranges) but just eat the whole thing for other types (apples, pears, peaches)?

The weirdest for me though, is our tendency to put the same kinds of food on top of themselves to enhance the eating experience.
We put meat on our meat (bacon on hamburgers), dairy on dairy (parmesan cheese on cheese - on pizza), and vegetable products on vegetables (ketchup on french fries).

Song Of the Day:
Because this is a post about food-related stuff, and it made me a little hungry for something sweet, today's song is "Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Trap.  Here is a LINK to another version (a capella of course) by the James Madison University's Low Key singers.
I figured I'd double up since we do that with our food.  :)


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