Friday, June 21, 2013

What Is The Purpose Of Eyebrows ?

Do you ever find yourself sitting somewhere and all of a sudden just start wondering about something completely random?

No?!  So it's just me then?  Oh well ...

Today, during a meeting that was not really capturing my attention very well, I was looking around the room and noticed that everyone has different kinds of eyebrows.  This is not a big shocker, but at the moment it got my mind wandering about eyebrows ... for a long time!

Why do we have them?
What purpose do they serve?
Why do some people's eyebrows match their hair color and others' do not (even if they haven't dyed their hair)?
How much do eyebrows affect how you look?  I noticed some of the women in the room have clearly waxed or plucked their eyebrows, while others evidently are unaware that is an option.  Those that appear to have done nothing with them seem to look more mannish.  No judgement being passed here, just an observation.
Why do some people have a unibrow and others have very thin and clearly separated eyebrowS?

I doubt I'll ever care enough to find answers to any of these questions, but for a good 5 minutes I spent some quality time wondering these things.

Song Of The Day:
The song "Oh" by Eric Hutchinson sums up my immediate reaction as the thought of eyebrows first crossed my mind.  There is also a line where he sings about how things "get lost in the back of our minds" and I think eyebrows are one of those things.


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