Monday, June 24, 2013

What Does That Word Mean ?

I consider my vocabulary to be adequate, bordering on solid, but definitely not above average in many circles.  My knowledge of words and their meanings has increased over the years through a variety of means including television (Frasier used a LOT of big words), scripture or other reading materials, and general conversation with people who sound a lot smarter than me.  But just because I learn a word, doesn't mean that I'll ever really use it again.

Lately, I feel like I have been back in grade school, when I used to have to look up many different words in the dictionary because they were new to me and I did not understand their meaning.  Below is a sampling of words I collected over the past two weeks, which I looked up to ensure I knew their proper use and message the user was intended to convey with them.

Irrevocably                Annealing                    Amalgam

Calvinism                  Eponymous                  Altruistic

Draconian                    Busking                 Preternatural

I will freely admit when I do not know the meaning of a word.  Why would I try to hide it?  I'm better off finding out what it means and then adding it to my vocabulary if I like it enough.  That's why I never play "devil's advocate" any more.  Instead I play the part of contrarian to more fully understand situations that have two or more sides.

Song Of The Day:
I heard the song "The Great Debate" by a group named Down The Line while listening to Spotify as I worked outside in my front yard today.  The best debaters in history certainly had a way with words and I would surmise that they also possessed vocabularies that would easily be above average when compared to their peers.  Hence my selection of this tune as the song of the day.


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