Thursday, June 27, 2013

Opening Night Or Pre-Screening ?

I have attended many movie premieres in my life so far.  Often I go to midnight showings, usually with my buddy Greg from work, but on some occasions I have been priviledged to go to earlier showings of certain movies.  Almost all of these have turned out to be disappointments (Indiana Jones 4, Charlie's Angels 2, etc.), which is only offset by the fact that the movie wasn't ended at 2:30am.

Front and Back of the special advance screening of Despicable Me 2
and the window decal featuring Flo, Gru, and two adorable Minions
Tonight, my wife and I attended a pre-screening of the new Despicable Me 2 movie.  My employer, Progressive, had signed a partnership with the movie studio to jointly promote the movie and Progressive, matching the popular characters Flo and the Minions.

The movie did more than just not disappoint ... it was simply excellent!  So much so, in fact, that I cannot wait for the movie to actually open nationwide so I can take my kids to see it (a rarity for our family since there are 7 kiddos!)  The storyline was a great build from the end of the last movie and only moderately predictable.  The characters were similar to themselves in the first movie, but they have also been allowed to expand and grow into new experiences.  And unexpectedly, for me anyway, we actual got to see the movie in 3D, which was also not a disappointment (most of my 3D experiences thus far have been mediocre at best).

Song Of The Day:
I was excited to be a part of the pre-screening but now "I Can't Wait" to see the movie again.  Classic tune from Nu Shooz, but only because I don't want to give away one of the best parts of the movie with a different song presented in hilarious fashion by a group of 4 well-dressed minions at the tail end of the picture.  So, so funny!


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