Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Is My Phone Buzzing Off The Hook ?

This evening Colorado Springs is being hit by a pretty good snowstorm.  We're usually quite accustomed to large snowfalls here (we've had some serious blizzards before) but not so much in the last 2-3 years.  Sure we get a few inches here and there, or we will go through a few weeks where it seems to snow every few days, this just hasn't happened much at all lately.

The snow never really bothers me, but tonight (during scouts of all things), my phone was buzzing off the hook (if there was a hook that it was on ... I suppose it would be more accurate to say buzzing off my hip ... but that's not really a saying anyone is familiar with yet so I'm sticking with the "off the hook" line) ... wait, where was I ?!  Oh yeah ... I had multiple people on several different fronts reaching out to ME because 1. they knew I would respond and 2. they knew I would have the answers they needed.

So the basketball games for the evening were cancelled.  Men who were planning to travel (some a good 30 minutes away) in to town for the games were informed to stay home.  Stake leaders were advised that these men were successfully kept off the roads.  The youth at our church were advised we were ending mutual (youth night) early.  Parents were informed to come pick up their children.  My own wife (and parents) were updated on the safety of myself and my oldest son, Josh Jr.

Technology is pretty amazing when it comes right down to it!  I talked to, texted, or emailed at least a dozen people within about a 30-minute period.  All the while, still working with our Deacon's Quorum.  Very cool indeed!

Song Of The Day:
I know I will catch some flak from certain people for this choice, but today's song is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.  It just fits!  Not the cutesy romantic lines in the song, but the title.  Some folks called me, some folks texted me, and others just wanted some emailed information. 
And BTW ... it's actually a catchy song and I know you're singing along to it right now!  :)


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