Monday, February 25, 2013

How Do You Manage Such A BIG Project ?

I've always felt pretty good at outlining plans and goals to get things done.  I have often prided myself on the ability to see the most logical starting point, while also keeping one eye on the finish line.  It is usually no big deal for me to write out a list (in order) of things to be done as related to a specific project.

I have recently met my "Mount Everest"
when it comes to project management.

Our lot has over 11,000 sq. ft. to "update" ... sigh.
My wife and I have been in our current house for three full years now, and late last summer we decided that it was high time to update the landscaping in our yard(s) - front, side, back.  Initial talks about what we wanted it to look like were fun and creative.  All things seemed possible and the sky was the limit.  Later, I began to outline the smaller "stages" of this large project.  Even that seemed full of promise and hope and energy.  The first deadline was to be completed by the end of February, 2013.

And this is where I realized the height of this "hill" I was planning to climb.  It is not just the supplies we need to purchase, or the money we will need to spend, or the equipment we will need to rent, or even the hours we need to invest in physical labor to move rocks, remove dead sod and weeds, and install edging, garden boxes, etc.  It IS the staging of when to do what and in what order do the various tasks need to be completed that is driving me bonkers.  For the first time ever, I am confounded when it comes to visualizing what action needs to come 1st, 23rd, or 104th.

I am still confident that this project will get done, on time, under budget, and without too many tears shed.  But I already have newfound respect for landscape architects and project managers.  I tip my hat to you ladies and gentlemen.

Song Of The Day:
As you can see in the photo above, our yard has a bizarre triangle shape (at least the front part does anyway).  I also am working to create a new order for our project plan.  Thus we can plainly see that there was no other choice for the song today than "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order.
Oh come on!  That's a pretty good tie in!  :)



  1. Ok so here's the trick i use at work. Start with anything underground and work your way up from there. What kind of stuff are you doing?