Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Dey Haftoo Go Home ?!

That was the question that my youngest daughter (Myra, age 2 1/2) asked tonight as our guests were headed out the door to their house (after a few hours of hanging out and playing games).

She was beside herself in tears and filled with devastation at their departure.  It was like she thought she would never see them again (in fact a short while later she made that very comment - "I nevuh gonna see dem agayin.  Dey nevuh gon' come back agayin!" )

Of course she was overtired and within 15 minutes was asleep in her bed.  But it was a very cute experience that I wanted to make note of so I can tell it to her when she is older and can appreciate her youthful reaction.

Song Of The Day:
It's a bit of a stretch but today's song is from Maroon 5 and is titled "Won't Go Home Without You"   This is probably my favorite of all their songs (and they have had LOTS that are pretty sweet!)


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