Monday, February 18, 2013

Do You Wear Socks To Bed ?

This may not be the age-old question, but I think there are two types of people in this world ... those who wear socks to bed, and those who don't.

I will not say which is better, for I believe it is a matter of personal preference.  But I will say that I find it odd how some people CANNOT sleep with socks on (or some people cannot sleep without socks on).  The weirdest is a person who shall remain unnamed (don't try to guess because you will be wrong, I promise you) ... this individual almost never wears socks during the day.  They seem to prefer life as a barefoot walk in the park ... but they have confided in me that they MUST have socks on when they go to bed!  Isn't that just the tiniest bit odd?  It sure seems so to me.

BTW ... I absolutely adore this individual and do not intend to embarrass them in any way.  They are an awesome human being and are certainly not "odd" in any bad way.

Song Of The Day:
Alanis Morissette certainly had her share of hits back in the day.  I get the feeling she is probably a non-sock sleeper, but I really have no basis for that assumption and could be 100% wrong.  What I do know for sure though is that her song "Head Over Feet" is a favorite of mine.  I like that she flipped the phrase head over heels on its side, if only to have better rhymes for her song.



  1. I'm one of the "has to wear socks to bed" people, so I definitely relate!!

  2. I think it's best to never wear socks at all.