Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is Your "Simple Pleasure" ?

I have often heard the phrases "the best things in life are free" and "it's the simple things that make life worthwhile" when older (or wiser) people are talking about what they value in life.  Having spent a fair amount of money on a variety of activities, vacations, food, material things, and just to keep a roof over my family's heads, I am not entirely sold on the first common phrase.  But I also do not discredit it entirely.  The second phrase (or variations on that theme) however, has spoken to me a lot more lately.

Here is a brief list of some "simple" things that I derive some serious joy from, given the right circumstances:
 - A comfortable chair after standing for a long time.
 - Stretching my legs after a hours of driving in the car.
 - ANY food after "fasting" for 24 hours.
 - Ice cold water after exercising or working in the yard.
 - A hug from a 2 year old (your own child / grandchild is often best).
 - My favorite song coming on the radio station right before I get to work or home.
 - Finding shade from the hot sun.
 - Making a game-winning shot (for me this means basketball)
 - Hearing the words "I Love You"
 - A warm shower after getting sweaty or dirty (yard work, cleaning, exercise, etc.)
 - Sneaking Honey Nut Cheerios from my toddler during Sacrament Meeting at church.
 - Crawling into a warm bed knowing you get to sleep in the next day.
 - Laughing until my sides ache.  And then laughing a little more because you just have the giggles.

How many of these ring true for you?

What other simple pleasures bring you great joy?

Song Of The Day:
I think the perfect song for this post is "The Simple Things" by Jim Brickman feat. Rebecca Lynn Howard.  The piano melody (of course) is just beautiful and the words to the song echo several simple things for which we can be grateful.


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