Friday, February 15, 2013

Is It Like This EVERY Friday Night ?

I wouldn't say that my wife and I never go out to dinner.  I also wouldn't say we go out all the timeI would probably guess we eat out (sit-down, fast food, etc.) probably 1-2 times per week.  This usually happens on Mondays for lunch (because it is one of my days off) with a sprinkling of evenings here and there.

I guess we never really go out to each much on Friday nights because tonight it was CRAZY busy no matter where we tried to go.

I made the mistake of assuming that since yesterday was Valentine's Day, most people would have just gone out to eat last night so they would be less likely to eat out tonight.
Now I know ... big error in planning on my part.

Song Of The Day:
I know you're already guessing that the song is Last Friday Night by Katy Perry ... but you're wrong!  I don't actually like that song in the least bit.  Instead, we're going back for a classic from the 80's ... "Friday, I'm In Love" by The Cure is a pure 80's song and has long been one of my favorites.  So on this special Friday (Engagement Day 2013) let the world know that I am, in fact, in love - still - with my sweetheart!  Love you Pretty Lady!


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