Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are We Worshipping Graven Images ?

So it is written, by way of commandment, from the Lord through the prophet Moses:
Exodues 20:4 ... Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image ... and then in verse 5 ... Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.

Those words came to my mind this evening as I watched the annual Academy Awards show, now titled "The Oscars" to attract the younger audiences.

I am half-serious when I ask the title question of this blog post.
Clearly, I am also half-joking.

But it is a bit of an interesting question when you think about it.  There is not a better example, in this day and age, of a "graven image" than Oscar himself.  In fact, the very inscribing of the recipient's name on the little golden statue of a man literally makes it a graven image.  And it is certainly no stretch of the imagination to say that people (and not just the Academy) worship these idols.

My brother always throws the BEST "Oscars" party!  It is a blast every single year!  I see no real harm in this annual family gathering, wherein we fill out our "ballots" and grade one another's papers to see who emerges victorious (it has still never been me, but at least I'm always within 1 or 2 choices of the top spot).  I also do not believe it is anything other than an homage to Oscar when the annual winner takes home a trophy to display their victory.

And yet ... I wonder how and when we will know whether we have taken it too far?  I suppose it is, and should be, like all things, a matter of personal testimony and choice.  If it becomes all-consuming, just like anything else (exercise, work, blogging, etc.), then I think we've probably crossed a line.

What do you think?

Song Of The Day:
I know the original video was about a bullfighter, but the song title (and many of the lyrics) from Madonna's "Take A Bow" could easily be about the Oscars.  I've always enjoyed this song and the melancholy tone almost perfectly captures my angst over these potential graven images.


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