Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ever Have A Day Just Go Backwards On You ?

Tuesdays are my Mondays.  I work Tuesday through Saturday, so my work week begins on Tuesdays.  This is only significant because most people dread Mondays, but I do not.  Instead, I often dread Tuesdays.  So it shouldn't really surprise me when Tuesdays seem backwards sometimes.

From the very start today, things were just "off":
 - I lost (for the first time ever) on "AYSTAW" (radio contest)
 - My work computer logged on but wouldn't connect to the network.
 - I had time for lunch, but wasn't hungry (reverse it for the normal situation).
 - I got home in time to do my P90X workout, but never did complete it.
 - I ate dinner early, but then got heartburn (never happens to me).
 - I changed out of my street clothes to be able to play basketball, but neither team (of only 4 each) who had a scheduled game allowed me to sub in for them.

And the day ended with me being wide awake and unable to fall asleep.  That was the only thing that resembled any normal routine for me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better ...
I can assure you my attitude will be (because I do believe you can create a great day by just having the right attitude about it).

Song Of The Day:
Not all music I like or listen to is "mainstream" but most of it is, if only because of the easy access to it on the radio, etc.  Gabriel Mann is not really mainstream, but you may have heard of him.
One of my favorite songs of his is "Lighted Up" ** and the words from that song came to my mind today.  Specifically the phrases "Tuesday came and went as quickly as expected" and "Sometimes I need to feel rejected."  But overall the song sends a message about finding positive energy in less than ideal circumstances.  At least that's what I think and like about it.
**The video is clips from some soap opera, so just listen to the song.  Sorry.



  1. Sorry about your "backwards" day - that sucks!! I hope the rest of the week goes "forwards" for you!!

  2. Also: I checked out the link for your song of the day - great song!! And BTW the soap opera featured in the video is "General Hospital" with the characters of Elizabeth 'Liz' and Jason. I used to watch these guys years ago!