Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Does Tax Season Make Me Happy ?

I think most people are not very fond of taxes and/or tax season (other than maybe accountants or IRS guys - shout out to Joel Z!)

I love tax season!
(I am not an IRS guy or an accountant though)

Pretty much every year since my oldest son (Josh Jr) was born, tax season has been a great time of year for me and my family, at least financially.  Add 6 more kids and mortgage interest deductions (from 2 homes the past few years) and tax season always equals BIG refund season for the Case Clan!

To be fair, I still hate doing taxes ... never been very fond of paperwork ... even with TurboTax to "simplify" things.  But I have loved the end result for well over the past decade of time.  The refunds have gone up and down, but they are always equivalent to at least one month's worth of salary ... Ka-Ching !!!  :)

Today I was able to finish our 2012 taxes, e-filing through TurboTax for federal and e-filing directly with the for state taxes (those refunds always seem like "ehh" after seeing the much larger federal refund amount).  Of course I'm not going to share the refund amounts, but it is fair to say that, upon hearing the total amount, Karen quickly started looking at vacation packages for a Disney trip or cruise.  That is unlikely to happen (we're pretty frugal with our funds) this year, but we'll gladly indulge every few years if this keeps up.

Song Of The Day:
An oldie but a goodie here, although it does scream of the "love of money" which is said to be "the root of all evil."  I'm just using it to refer to how I feel about our refund $$$ that we should get in the next 6-8 weeks.
The song by Calloway is titled "I Wanna Be Rich" and I love the la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la chorus line hook!

Sing along if you're full of "love, peace, and happiness" during tax season!  :)


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  1. Way to go on getting your taxes filed already, and I'm glad to hear that you're getting a nice return! Love your song choice for the day - that song brings back memories of my sophomore/junior year at Greeley Central (Go Wildcats!)