Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who's Thinking About Insurance Right Now?

First Denver Nuggets game experience - Post #4

I continue to love working at Progressive ... and I have plenty of confidence in our advertising geniuses ... but I sometimes wonder how certain promotions or advertisements can be effective.

Take for instance, the following signage at the Nuggets game.

I am certain the placement is more focused on the exposure to a TV audience than people at the arena, because who is thinking about insurance needs while at an NBA game?  I would guess that number is close to zero if not already there.  If not, I have to wonder who goes to an NBA game and finds themselves so lost in thought that they consider their insurance needs?

Song Of the Day:
I'm a pretty big fan of Jason Mraz's lyrical creativity, but some of his songs are more about the tune than just the words.  I'm featuring "Absolutely Zero" here, as my answer to the blog post title question, but it's a great song besides the fact that it fits nicely here.  Just because music is melancholy doesn't mean it has no place in my otherwise peppy and upbeat musical catalog.  Sometimes a brooding tune is just what you need to hear.


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