Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Court To Ice?

One of the coolest things to see at the Denver Nuggets Scout Sleepover was the transformation of the basketball court into the ice rink for the following day's Colorado Avalanche game.

I neglected to take enough pictures of the middle of the transformation, but I got the beginning, absolute middle, and end from a similar vantage point.

Most people likely have no awareness of the changes in the seating that go along with this transformation.  Along each end of the court, there were dozens of rows of folding chairs that had to be picked up and taken off to store somewhere in the arena.  Then there were metal risers that were broken down into sections and also carted off to storage.  There are yet more sections of folding chairs in the main seating areas, which (when removed) convert into the opening and hallway connecting the ice and the locker rooms.  Although I didn't capture the changes in photos, it was fun to observe in person.

Song Of The Day:
Speaking of a "Cool Change" here is that titled song by the Little River Band.  I've heard several other versions through the years, but really like this one.  I know it really has nothing to do with transformation of a court to an ice rink, but at least the title fits this post!  :)


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