Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's In The Box ?

This afternoon I received a suspicious package at my desk at work.  I hadn't ordered anything.  I wasn't aware that anything had been ordered on my behalf.  The only indication of any sort was the name of one of my co-workers listed on the bottom of the outside label invoice.

So I opened the package and this is what I found:

A little back story is relevant here.  In the past 6 months at work, I have effectively left my former team behind.  Those team members that work in the office moved to a new Supervisor's team around September.  Those that work from home remained with me, until the start of this week when they too moved to different Supervisors.  My role shifted to entirely focusing on our Sales New Hire and Academy (on the job call handling training) process and work group.  I hope this helps explain the message from the team on the card in the picture above.

I am not a very emotional man, but I do believe that I develop lasting relationships with people that are important to me.  Some of these employees worked with me directly for a half-decade or more, most of them for at least 3-4 years.  Monthly meetings, individual coaching sessions, conversations about a myriad of things, and having gone through some major organizational changes together forges bonds beyond just working together.

I was so appreciative of their thoughtfulness and grateful for the time we had working so closely together.  I certainly hope we will be able to maintain at least a portion of our relationship (and I'm grateful for Facebook allowing us to be connected outside of work, which often makes it easier to stay in touch) .

Song Of The Day:
I am not willing to say "goodbye" especially when no one is gone but we are just separated a little more than we used to be due to assignment changes.  So "This Ain't Goodbye" by Train, which is possibly my favorite song on that excellent CD, is my song of choice for this post.  If any of those former teammates read this post, let it be known that this ain't goodbye ... we're still co-workers and friends and I will only miss seeing and talking to you as often ... but the relationship(s) are not over!


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