Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Do You Do During A Traffic Jam?

First Denver Nuggets game experience - Post #5

Right off the bat you should be asking yourself "What does a traffic jam have to do with a Denver Nuggets game?" and then you'll find yourself realizing how silly that question sounds.  Of course there will be traffic congestion around a professional sporting event.

Then you'll probably wonder "You just sit in a traffic jam right?!  It's not like you can do much ... especially if you're driving, right?!" ... and now my mom (and probably my wife) will be worried that I wasn't just focused on driving during the traffic jam.

Here's the deal.  On the way back from the game, I hit an absolute standstill of traffic on southbound I-25.  The cars were literally not even moving for minutes on end.  At one point, I know there was no movement for at least 20 minutes, which could be terribly frustrating.  My personal solution (besides sending a few text messages to my wife and my buddy Aaron) was to work on a crossword puzzle from the USA Today app on my iPad (see photo below).

Although traffic can make anyone tense, I found that working on the crossword puzzle helped me to relax and forget about the fact that I was not going to be home until the week hours of the morning (it ended up being around 1:30am when I got home).

I obviously do not recommend texting or playing a game on any electronic device while driving, but in a pinch when the traffic literally isn't moving for minutes at a time, this puzzle was a sanity-saver.

Song Of The Day:
When I think of expanded vocabularies (an benefit of completing crossword puzzles) I think of the TV show Frasier, but I also think of Weird Al Yankovic.  His song "Traffic Jam" is both hilarious and demonstrates his vocabulary and wit.  Of course my favorite part is the nearly excessive repetition of the phrase "bumper to bumper" ... because when you think about it, that is NOT an exaggeration.


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