Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Boy Scout Sleepover ?

Several weeks ago I received an email from the Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  I get emails periodically from them, mostly with updates regarding Council news and upcoming camps.  But this one was different.  This one contained information regarding a "Boy Scout sleepover" at the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets.

For a reduced ticket price of admission, any attendees would get to participate in the sleepover, including a few other events: shooting baskets on the floor after the game, watching a movie on the giant big screen above the court, sleeping on the club level overnight, and enjoying some late night snacks and then donuts and juice in the morning.

Of course I purchased tickets for my two Boy Scout sons, and I was able to get two additional tickets for my friend Aaron and his son Nicholas.  Together the 5 of us enjoyed a great evening of professional basketball (so what if the #1 team in the NBA beat the Nuggets like they were high school players), some card games, and fun conversations.  We also learned some valuable lessons for the next time including where to try and "camp" as a group (there are four "open" boxes that face the court/ice, as well as a restaurant area where they turn the lights off at night - the rest of the club level was lit up as bright as could be ALL NIGHT LONG which made sleeping a tough endeavor).

We all also got a special patch for the boys' sashes.  I think it's pretty cool, and certainly one that none of the other boys in their troop will have.

Song Of The Day:
The pictures above tell plenty of other stories, but I saved one to include here because it goes specifically with today's song.  "Good Morning" from the movie Singin' In The Rain is probably more about the amazing dancing, but the phrase it's great to stay up late, good morning, good morning to you was running through my mind as I walked around the arena in the early morning hours ...
and subsequently snapped this photo of the sunrise.


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