Monday, March 3, 2014

Where's The Trash Can ?

Some years ago, I noticed that my brother-in-law had a cool trash can holder.  It was a specially made wooden contraption that held the kitchen trash can inside it, thus keeping the smells inside and little kids' hands outside of the garbage.

In typically Josh fashion, I decided to construct my own trash can holder.  After studying the design I built one out of scrap wood (mostly particle board), and we used it for a year or two before it basically came apart at the seams.  I promised Karen (and myself) that I would re-build it ... and then somehow 5 to 7 years went by and we still had no trash can holder.

Enter Spencer's grabby hands (and smelly diapers) and I found inspiration and commitment to revisiting this oft overlooked project.

So over these past few weeks, I have constructed version 2.0 of our trash can holder.  Today I *finished it, including routing some edges, sanding, cleaning, staining and re-assembling.  So I figured I'd share some pictures in my blog.
*I still want to put a coat of polyurethane on the exterior so it will last longer.

The most fun part has been watching the kids go to throw things away where the trash can used to be only to realize it isn't there anymore!  But even with the extra trips to the new location, everyone seems pretty happy with the trash can holder.
I'm just glad it's done!  :)

Song Of The Day:
Thank goodness for the group Garbage and their song "The World Is Not Enough" or I might have had a hard time finding a tie-in song for today's post.  It's not my favorite James Bond theme at all, but at least it doesn't suck and the group name works for my trash can post.


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