Thursday, March 20, 2014

They Forgot MY Sandwich ?!

Editor's Note: This post was originally written over a year ago and somehow I never got it posted to the blog.  So I'm invoking #TbT (Throwback Thursday) and sharing it today.

Despite the negative sounding tone of the title to this post, the experience I recently had with Jason's Deli here on the north side of Colorado Springs was absolutely wonderful!

This year, my work team decided to use our Year End Event "food funds" (roughly $10 per person) to order individual sandwiches / lunch entrees from Jason's Deli.  I have to admit that the "catered food" I have had from this establishment in the past (box lunches during all day leadership training classes) had left me with a mediocre feeling about this place.  It's not that the food was bad, it just wasn't "amazing" like everyone told me it would be.

So we placed the order for our food and I picked it up at the restaurant just before our team meeting / luncheon.  The service at the counter was great and the food was all packaged perfectly!  There were napkins and utensils (for those with soup or salads) and the waitress (I'm not sure what her title actually was) helped me load the three VERY large bags in my car.

It was not until I arrived back at work and set out all the food that I realized ... we were missing ONE sandwich order.  I was very pleased (and I honestly mean that) to find out that it was my sandwich that was missing.

As the Supervisor of the team (and the person filling the first 20 minutes of the meeting so others could eat while I talked) I was not really bothered much at all about the loss of my food.  My team was distraught, but I quickly kept the agenda moving so we could just enjoy our time together (over half my team works from home so it is rare when we actually get together to see each other).

Much later that day I sent an e-mail to our R and R Coordinator (they handled the actual puchase of the food and placement of the order) to thank her for the help and tell her how great our Team Year-End Event was.  I also mentioned the missing sandwich, not as a complaint but just so she would know about it.  The next day she informed me that she had called and spoken with a Manager, who apologized profusely and promised to make amends.

I am extremely pleased to report that I am now the recipient of TWO $10 gift card vouchers for free meal(s) at Jason's Deli.  Color me impressed!  I did not expect, nor was I asking for some compensation ... but I can guarantee you that this one simple (and relatively inexpensive for them) act of apology has endeared me to that restaurant for life!

Excellent job Jason's Deli!

Song Of The Day:
Today's song is also a throwback, and it barely fits for this post, but I love this song by Edwin McCain and surprisingly I haven't ever featured it before.  So enjoy "I'll Be" because that was kind of my reaction when I got the gift cards ... well, I'll be.  :)


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