Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are You Committed Or Just Interested ?

How is it that some people just get things done while others merely talk about it or wish for it?  What makes the difference?  Is there some innate reason?  Some biological factor?  Or is it a matter of the situation and the support being provided?  Is there an intellectual or experiential influence?  Is it a learned behavior or skill?  Or is it something you either have or you don't have?

In the end, it is a matter of commitment.

Pick a story of some amazing success you read or heard about.  You may find it in the world of business perhaps, or maybe an extreme personal change, such as weight loss or physical fitness.  Now think of a few more stories, either in that same genre or in another area of human success.  Consider the important elements of each story and you will begin to see a pattern emerge.  While some individual factors apply some of the time, the concept of deeply rooted personal commitment to the "project" at hand will occur in ALL of them.

So I pose today's blog post title question as a method of allowing self-reflection and personal honesty.  Consider your most recent personal goal(s).  If you haven't achieved them yet but should have, can you honestly say that you have this deeply rooted personal commitment to reaching that goal?  Or are you just interested in seeing that project to completion, which suggests the influence of what is convenient or easy will eventually stop you from reaching that goal?

I hear people complain all the time about their goals not being met.  "I can't seem to lose this weight"  "If I could just get better organized"  "I need to finish my degree"  "I never have time for a vacation"  "I wish I could get that promotion"  Sadly, each of these situations involves a person who has not accepted the fact that they do not yet (I'm an eternal optimist in that I believe anyone can change) have the commitment to really achieve that goal.  There remain only two choices: 1. make that true commitment or 2. set a different goal that you can commit to.

Stop allowing your inner voice to excuse yourself from progress on goals.  Reject the notion that circumstances have kept you from whatever you are seeking to accomplish.  Find a way to make that commitment or stop holding yourself accountable to achieve it.

Here's a secret: When you finally commit to the goal, NOTHING can stop you from getting there.  Nothing, that is, but your own decision not to achieve it.

Song Of The Day:
So many people try to convince themselves that others are responsible for their lack of progress or success in a particular area.  Even though I can be one of those people at times, I am annoyed by those who constantly live in this make excuses world.  I know the message in the song "Timshel" is more about losing someone close to you, but the phrases "you have your choices and these are what make men great, his ladder to the stars" and "I can't move the mountain for you" make me think of the individual commitment that is needed to really progress toward goals.
Originally sung by Mumford and Sons, I really like the a capella version by the Tufts Beelzebubs.  The video quality in the version linked above is mediocre, but the song on Spotify is amazing!


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