Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why must they fight so much ?!

One of these days, someone is really going to get hurt.  If it is this bad already, I am truly scared to death what the future will bring.  Given a few years to gain greater resources and power, these two parties will only make things worse between themselves.
They seem to hate each other even though they share so many more similarities than their obvious differences.  They can't seem to play nice and work things out for more than a few passing moments.
Can't they see that everyone suffers when they act like children?!
They pout.
They stomp their feet.
They shout at each other over who said what.
Both sides claim that they never do anything wrong and they ALWAYS find a way to use crafty words to make the other party seem the evil wrongdoer.  The main issue is that they both want "the power" or "authority" to decide what everyone does and what is truly important.
They could accomplish so much if they worked together, building on their different strengths and making the whole world a better place to live in.

What's that you say?  Who am I talking about?  Democrats and Republicans?  No ... although the above is just as true for those groups.  Maybe their mommys and daddys need to have a talk with them.

No, I am actually talking about my oldest son and oldest daughter.

He is 11 and she is 7.  Today marked day number one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five in a row that they have found some reason to bicker and argue with each other.  To the point that I lost my temper and levied some harsh punishment on them both: after dinner tonight they are going straight to bed.  No snack.  No scriptures, prayers, and hugs goodnight.  Just bedtime where they can be alone and spend some time thinking about what they are doing to the happy spirit in our home.

I know my sister Jaimee and I fought lots when we were kids.  I know that I love her so dearly now and am grateful for her friendship in adulthood.  But we are less than a year apart in age!  That is probably a poor excuse, but at least we were often experiencing the same things at the same time so there were things that were reasonable to argue about.  Do you know how different an 11 year old boy and a 7 year old girl are?  VERY different!  I just cannot understand what they could possibly have to fight about.  But they pick and pick at each other all day long.  Thank heavens for school coming back so there will at least be some peace for my wife during the day.

I hope that one day these two can find a way to seek to show love to one another instead of putting each other down.  I have seen them both do things for each other that are so sweet it literally makes me cry.  And then in less than an hour they forget their love for each other.  A little mischieviousness enters them and they do something to the other person that also makes me cry ... but for a much different reason.

Sorry for the "downer" kind of post but I just have to share what's been on my mind ALL DAY!  Maybe I can channel this experience into a more kind-hearted nature in my own life and not bicker with loved ones over stupid things.  Yeah, I think that's worth a shot!  :)



  1. Beautiful, well written post. Hind sight is always 20/20 and I look back on our bickering and am embarrassed by my behavior. I'm lucky to have a forgiving, loving big brother... who made my other big brother be nice to me- JUST KIDDING. I mean you, of course! I believe Josh and Brook will be the best of friends. If you and I can be- so can they!!

  2. I really sympathize with you right now, because I have no idea what it must be like to parent two children that seem to annoy each other without even trying! Like Jaimee said, though, I believe that Josh Jr and Brooklyn will work things out and become close!!