Thursday, January 20, 2011

What are "Princess Kisses" ?

Some years ago, it has to be at least 5 or more, I began one of the many little things that has become a Josh and Karen Case Family Tradition.

Princess Kisses.

Long story short, these are the kisses that a "gentleman" a.k.a. a prince will give to a princess as a way to show his like and/or love for her.  The kiss is placed on the woman's wrist or upper hand near her wrist, while holding her hand as you would when helping her down from a carriage ride.  (Go ahead and mock me for using such a feminine description ... I don't care!  This is a cool tradition and you know it!  And when you finish reading you're going to be jealous that YOU didn't think of it!)

Anyway, in addition to kissing my daughter(s) good night on their forehead or cheek, I also give them "Princess Kisses" ... one on each hand.  Sometimes they forget to remind me (I always plan to do it but sometimes I make them ask me because it is so cute when they say "You forgot to give us princess kisses!").

The little hand is Myra's  :)
 Tonight, on her way to bed, and after receiving her "princess kisses," my 7-year old daughter Brooklyn was reminiscing on those long ago days (ha ha!) and she reminded me of two things:
 - First, at one point she was in the habit of wiping off the princess kisses and then shouting as I left the room that I forgot to give her princess kisses.  Then I would come back, fake being upset, and give her more princess kisses.  After three or four times of this each night I will tell her "last time" and then she would not wipe them off again.
 - Second, during this same period, I would often give dozens of princess kisses, in rapid-fire mode, back and forth on each hand.  This was a technique I developed for those nights when I didn't have time to do the first activity described above.  I would tell her that there were too many princess kisses to wipe off and that would get me out of the room much quicker.

It is not that I had forgotten those memories, but I was surprised that they still stood out in Brooklyn's mind.  So I thought that would be a perfect Blog Post for today, especially since it might not be that many years before she stops accepting my princess kisses and begins expecting them from her future prince!  :)


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  1. Great post!! Forget the "Butterfly Kisses" - "Princess Kisses" are da bomb!!