Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ever had a BAD day ?!

Well I did today.  But rather than focus on the main reason for that bad day, I'd rather share something positive.  And I positively LOVE basketball!

I am the APAD (Assistant Physical Activities Director) for the Colorado Springs East Stake (for my non-Mormon readers, a "Stake" is a collection of "wards" in a geographical location ... and "wards" are not children that the state is responsible for placing with guardians ... think of them as "congregations" in any other sort of church setting).

Anyway, as the APAD I am largely responsible for the opening of the building and setting up of the gym for Men's basketball games during our "season" (which typically runs from January through March).  This year on Tuesday nights we only have a 9:00pm game (usually there are two games with the second running from 10-11pm).  This means that we get to have "open gym" after the 9pm game is over until 11:00pm.

I will admit that sometimes I am not excited about having to go to the church and sit for an hour while other people play basketball.  But I do love playing and tonight was especially rejuvenating!  After the day I had (which started with a horrible night's sleep yesterday evening), it was just an hour of fun.

And it made me think about something my mom said to me earlier ... I really DO love basketball!  I think that single hour of exercise, cleverly disguised as a game, might have just saved this day for me!  I know I'll sleep more soundly tonight and I'll be better prepared for work tomorrow.  I'll be able support and coach the people who are grateful and so very deserving of the best I have to offer.

I love ending the day on a positive note !!!  :)


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  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad day but I'm glad you were able to do something fun, something you excel at, to wrap up your day! I hope it made things all better for you!