Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have you seen my new ring ?

Around six weeks ago I was playing basketball (of course) and took my wedding ring off while playing (so it doesn't get stuck on the rim while I'm skying over people).  I put it in the pocket of my slacks that were on the stage.  Later that evening when basketball was over, I forgot to put the ring back on.

Sometime during the next day I realized I still hadn't put the ring back on ... and I panicked!  Only a little because I assumed I knew right where it was.  But after a quick search, I could NOT find it.

I immediately told Karen (so she wouldn't worry about our relationship, etc.) and then I searched more diligently.  Nothing.

A week went by and I did all the laundry.  Still no ring.

I checked the church again the next week at basketball, but no luck.  Now I really started to worry because "I'm taken!" and I like having a ring to show that off!

Long story short, (too late!), about a week ago Karen and I just decided to buy a replacement ring (more for my anxiety than hers).  After realizing that gold prices have apparently gone WAY up, we skipped the jewelry stores and opted to buy a nice CTR ring online, which will also serve as my wedding band.

So we ordered this ring ...

And wouldn't you know it ... the VERY next day ... I put on a pair of slacks for work and when I slipped my cell phone into that pocket I heard an interesting "clink" sound.  There was my wedding ring!  Safe and sound, presumably just hanging out in my slacks all this time.  I would have thought I rotate through my slacks more often than that, but I guess with the Christmas season and all I wore my jeans much more often.

So now I have my original wedding ring AND a super cool CTR ring.  Only problem is, the knuckle on my right hand ring finger has never gone back to a normal size (another basketball injury) so I cannot wear one ring on each hand.  For now, I am opting to wear the CTR ring (mostly because I think it's too small and may never come off again!)  Maybe someday I'll be able to wear both, but for now I am just happy to be "taken" again!  :)


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  1. Isn't that always the way of the world? You lose something, you buy a replacement and then BAM you find what you lost! Anyway, I'm glad that you are now protected from being hit on, because I know that the ladies can't resist us Case men! Wait? Did I say 'us'? I meant me :)