Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's my kids' FAVORITE family game ?

If you guessed "Hide and Go Seek In The Dark!" then you are our winner!

Tonight after eating a delicious and early dinner (two points for the Pretty Lady!), the kids decided that it was a perfect night to play hide and go seek in the dark.
I am not sure when the idea for this game started.  It seems as though it was at least 5 years ago and probably was something Karen or I made up when the power went out to keep the kids from freaking out or being too scared.
Now that I think about it, we probably made it up to teach the kids NOT to be scared of the dark.

At any rate, it is a very simple game to play (you can probably already guess the "twist" to it) and even the littlest girls can enjoy it (most of the time).  One set rule is that the last person found has to be "IT" for the next round.

Two constants are always at play:
 - One, I am THE best hider ever!  I personally think that at 6 feet tall and close to 180 pounds (not up to my target weight yet!), I should have somewhat of a disadvantage in this category, but I am quite clever which makes up the difference.
 - Two, the kids are ALL fairly lazy seekers.  By this I mean that they just kinda look near where you are hiding.  Whereas I will poke clothes that are hanging and move boxes or furniture to find you, they just kinda glance in the general direction.  This invariably leads to complaints of "I can't find him and I've looked EVERYWHERE !!!"  Which is technically true, but they almost always look right at me and then walk on still trying to find me.  I often get found because I laugh as they walk away, but I'm getting better at waiting until they leave to chuckle in my evil scientist voice.

But I digress, the evening was a blast and it ended with mommy being the seeker and daddy having found excellent hiding places for the three older kids (Myra went to sleep early on while Cat and Savannah were too scared to play for very long ... and they cannot be quiet while hiding so everyone refuses to hide with them).
 - Ben was up on a ledge in our bedroom, covered with a white towel and he blended in quite nicely!  He did a good job being quiet as mommy walked past (under) him a few times.
 - Brooklyn was laying lengthwise on our bed ... under our pillows!  She actually fell asleep and I think mommy found her by hearing the snores!  Just kidding Brooklyn!
 - Josh Jr was the lone "give-up" casualty.  He "overheated" which is probably quite likely considering he was crammed in standing next to the dryer while it was on.  I had covered up his upper body (which was the only visible part) with my white dress shirt from church today, so he was expertly hidden.  Mommy even felt along the wall right next to where he was standing and totally missed him.

I really enjoy playing this game and can't wait until next time when we hide in the basement (it was only the main level tonight).  It may take a few years because even the older kids think it will be too scary down there now, but there are some SUPER hiding places!  I'd better bring a small flashlight and a book because I'll have plenty of time before they find me!  :)


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  1. Awesome game!! It reminds me of the games all of us Case kids played together when we lived in Orem, especially outside, like "Ghost in the Graveyard"!