Friday, January 28, 2011

What exactly DID you expect?

My wife's e-mail account at home always has "Top Stories" on the front page.  Today's post included the following article about Taco Bell fighting back against reports that their taco meat isn't really "beef" and is instead some complex mix of assorted things made to taste like meat.

So I have to wonder ... exactly WHO in their right mind, goes to a fast food place, especially one with such inexpensive menu items like Taco Bell, and actually EXPECTS some extremely high-quality filling on their .79 cent soft-shell taco ?!

Did you think you were at the Broadmoor drive-thru?  Did the menu confuse you and you thought those prices were all in "hundreds"?  Was the fact that your meal was handed to you through a window that slides - OR - the fact that your food was placed in the only plastic bags that are thinner than those given at Wal-Mart NOT tip you off to the lower-quality likelihood of the food contained within?!

Perhaps they should put signs on the coffee mugs reminding you that the contents inside are HOT and you could burn yourself if you spill it all over your lap.  What's that?  Oh right ... they already DO THAT for the idiots that have forgotten that ... altogether now ...



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  1. This was too funny! I couldn't stop laughing! And then I got a little depressed when I realized that there are actual, real people out there that are that stupid! Lord help us!