Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What kind of Blog Post title is "The End" ?!


  1. So I can't blog for some reason, but if you are a follower of my wife's blog you will notice that her post from yesterday was titled simply "The End." This would be all fine and well but the picture associated with it was of her and I. So I have to wonder if there's a hidden message there. But I still love her !!!! Don't leave me Pretty Lady !!!

  2. Well, that totally sucks for you guys about not being able to post anything but a title on your blogs, but I'm glad you both were able to post a comment with an explanation!

    Anyway, that's a very funny observation you made about Karen's post from yesterday. I didn't really think about it yesterday when I read it, but now I can see the concern about the title! But don't worry! Karen wouldn't leave you...she's invested too much time in making you the man that you are now :)

  3. And we have WAY TOO many kids to want to be a single parent :) Plus I love you WAY too much to ever want to leave!!!